The greater your shadow becomes..
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The closer you are to the light


Kuro saw the startled look the other gave, letting out a low trilling noise. He had to admit it was weird to see another him… but at the same time it was a bit of a relief. He pressed his hands against the double, letting out a few metallic purrs. “Hyuuuuun…


Their hands met and his head tilted, listening to the similar sounds that the double was making. So very strange. He had encountered many things but this wasn’t one of them. At least not for him. His hand moved away from the one it was touching and it reached out to lay gently against his match’s cheek.



"Gaah!" There was a squawk of surprise from the redhead whom could hardly see the.. person - creature? - in the first place, as he felt it play with his hair. He wouldn’t lie, the flower had been for his boyfriend honestly. That was until he’d stumbled into.. well he gave whatever it was a piece offering like that was going to save him in the event the obstacle wasn’t human and indeed had been quite offended getting tripped over. The soft clicks reminded him of Alex’s almost, 'There's no way in 'ell I just tripped over a not midget dragon…', and they sounded friendly enough. Non threatening at least. 

“‘Ey there. Sorry I don’t ‘ave anymore flowers eh.., buddy.”

He didn’t mind it so much that the other didn’t have more flowers for him, the one was enough. But he’d lost interest in the sweet smelling fauna and was now more into the way the hair jutted out from the male’s head. Clawed hands fingered the spikes delicately, making sure not to tug or pull on them. Though he did have to stand on his tip toes to reach them, he didn’t mind. More pleased chitters were bubbling up in him with the more he observed and a wide toothy grin was on his face. He liked this one for sure. 

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"Oh, we just shot the shit. We actually have a lot in common."

Put “You’re a monster!” for my character’s reaction.


If someone wants to drop a thread they have with you because they are overwhelmed and/or not having fun with it anymore, it is OKAY to be disappointed because you liked the story you had going.

It is NOT OKAY, however, to lash out at them for it.

RPing is a hobby, not a service. People run their blogs for themselves, not for you. All RPing should be done for the mutual enjoyment of all parties involved. If someone is not enjoying themselves with it then they have every right to back out or cut back. You do not have the right to try and stop them, or to try to make them feel guilty. That’s just being a dick.

Don’t be a dick.

Comes back with roses before handing them out. "There, a little birdy of a twin told me you liked flowers as well. Heh, I'll have to remember to shower you in them next time, friend.."

Much better now yes. His expression was quick to change to one of joy and the bundle of roses were brought to his nose to inhale deeply. Pleasant smells were another rarity for him. He then tilted his face up at the one with a strange scent lingering about. “Th.„

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Once more he was being gifted with one of his favorite things and the smile on his face couldn’t be contained. His hand came up to lay gently against the delicate petals situated in his hair and he let out soft clicks of thank you to the one with hair jutting out like flames. Such curious hair it was and soon his interest was lost in the flower and instead he was scrambling up to lay a hand on those fiery locks.